Financial Statement Forecasting PRO

Financial Statement Forecasting PRO

July 2011. Model procedures for Research & Development tax credit and cash refunds included. Technical definitions of risks, uncertainties, improvements that qualify. Here?s how to set up refund program. $6.6 billion total cash returned to US companies for R&D refunds. Authored by PhD tax credit consultant.

When you need a quick way to create your financial statement forecasts for your senior managers, bank manager or investors use Financial Statement Forecasting PRO.

Financial Statement Forecasting PRO enables you to set up a 12 month forecast of your financial statements starting at any month of your choice. As well as calculating monthly balance sheets, income statements and cash flows (source and application of funds) the workbook outputs all key operating, financial and shareholder ratios and financing covenant ratios.

Plus our 10 year financial statement forecasting workbook.

Quick and simple to use. No accounting knowledge is required.

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