Excel Costing & Expense Controls

Excel Costing & Expense Controls

Our standard costing workbooks include:

Standard costs, activity based costs, overhead cost recovery ratios, cost drivers, absorption costs and cost allocation ratios in Excel.

Plus 24 Self Teaching Costing Forms ? Start a Hospitality Business – Start up cost estimator ? financial costs estimator ? food costs estimator ? market research cost estimator ? financial plan ? skill assessment estimator ? to get you started with a new hospitality business.

Complete range of product costing formula with eight ready to use costing templates iin the first workbook with Excel costing formula provide unit costs for pricing and profit recovery calculations.

Excel database supplies accurate costs into costing formula.

Benchmark costing ratios.

A ? Z spreadsheets for Marginal costing – Standard costing ? Activity based costing ? Cost drivers ? Absorption Costing values and Most economic quantity.

Formula and equations each step of the way.

Incorporate risk analysis of reaching your gross profit margin goals when customer spending patterns change and these changes impact your unit costs. Runs Monte Carlo simulations of the most probable outcomes and returns the probability of achieving whatever target is set. ITEM COSTING & EXPENSE CONTROL 1500

Item by Item Costing 1500. Every purchase is captured and logged into Excel. Assign each purchase to a category, a product type, a location and a budget (all four codes each item). Excel analyzes costs against preset budgets for your 1,500 key items and reports overspending in any category, location and budget. Calculates current unit costs, average costs, cost histories total expenditures and percentage costs to total costs and sales for each category, location, budget and supplier spend to date. Use a simple bar code reader and import item codes directly into Excel or make up your own codes. Instant over spending alerts for up to 1,500 purchase items in real time.

Get Excel Costing & Expense Controls now:

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