Butterflies of Belarus – annual subscription

Butterflies of Belarus - annual subscription

The database: The Butterflies (Diurna, Lepidoptera) of Republic of Belarus.

Authors of the database: Kirill E. Dovgailo, Igor A. Solodovnikov, Nikolai I. Rubin.

The work includes of the complete review and the guide of 156 species of butterflies (Diurna), which occur in Republic of Belarus and adjacent countries, as well as the species discovery of which is probable in future on the territory of Belarus. For the Belarus territory 140 species of butterflies were noted until now. In the work all taxonomic information about group (including subspecies and all known synonyms) is present. The database contains 1345 original photo images and 65 distribution maps. Also the guide contains of 689 graphical scheme and pictures.

ISBN: 985-90000-4-3

Kirill E. Dovgailo
The founder and chief of the project “Lysandra “,
Dr. Igor A. Solodovnikov
Higher teacher of Department of zoology, Vitebsk state university,
Nikolai I. Rubin
The collector, founder Oriks-Diont Ltd.

Worked with the database also:
S.I. Evdoshenko, K. E. Dovgaiolo – translated of the text,
Е.О. Yurchenko – botanical and geobotanical consultations and translation,
V.P. Vdovichenko – text editing of rubrics (in Russian),
I.Е. Savkina – enteing of the text in a data base,
Е.V. Chechuy and Т.V. Dovgailo – help in preparation and photo-images of objects.

Majority of photos are made on the basis of personal collections A.Solodovnikov and N.I.Rubin. The authors are sincerely grateful to the colleagues who give useful information about distribution and biology peculiarities of the species, as well as for the giving for our disposal some specimens from theirs private collections:
V.V. Alesenko (Belarus, Gomel)
D. Dapkus (Lithuania)
V.P. Vdovitchenko (Belarus, Grodno)
L.V. Volynchuk (Belarus, Kobrin)
А.А. Goldenkov (Belarus, Minsk)
А.L. Devjatkin (Russia, Moscow)
P.P. Ivinskis (Lithuania)
Е. P. Koslovsky (Belarus, Minsk)
А.А. Korovin (Belarus, Brest)
S.М. Kostevich (Belarus, Minsk)
А.V. Kulak (Belarus, Minsk)
I.G. Plushtch (Ukraine, Kiev)
V.А. Polhovsky (Belarus, Brest Region, Grivkovichi vill.)
S.V. Churkin (Russia, Moscow)

The authors express gratitude to the Director of Zoological Museum of Belarusian State University A. D. Pisanenko and to the Director of Zoological Museum of Vitebsk State University V. I. Piskunov for the possibility to study the requisite materials and images some butterflies from Museum stocks.

The database is a scientific publication. When using its textual date with scientific purpose, the reference its binding: “Kirill E. Dovgailo, Igor A. Solodovnikov, Nikolai I. Rubin. The Butterflies (Diurna, Lepidoptera) of Republic of Belarus. Key and database on the basis of software “Lysandra”. Minsk, 2003″.

(c) 2003-2011, K.E. Dovgailo, the software “Lysandra”, database, all digital date and digital images.

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