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Project Analysis Toolkit (W/Resale Rights)

The Project Analysis ToolKit is an all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly determine the profit potential, break-even analysis, projected income or loss, and start up costs of almost any project you are considering.

Just plug in the numbers and quickly find out if your project has any chance of profitability.

Not only will you see the profit/loss potential of your own projects, but using the built-in templates you’ll quickly learn what kind of projects are almost always profitable, and what kinds of projects are almost always losers.

This powerful tool is a ‘must have’ for anyone developing or marketing products. You’ll be amazed as you learn what kind of products can make you money and which ones are sure losers.

And even better, when you purchase the Project Analysis ToolKit, you get the RESELL RIGHTS so you can sell it on your own web site and keep 100% of the profits!!!

Highly recommended!

The Project Analysis ToolKit is the quick and easy way to quickly determine the potential profitability of almost any project you are considering.

With this one easy-to-use tool you can quickly find out if almost any project or venture is worth pursuing. Just fill in the requested fields with project information, press the ‘Calculate’ button, and see the results instantly!

With the Project Analysis ToolKit, you’ll be able to quickly find out:

Potential profitability of any project or venture

Sales needed to break-even with any project or venture

Sales needed to make $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000 with any venture

Initial start up costs of almost any venture

Back end profit potential from different types of ventures

You’ll be able to:

Quickly ‘run the numbers’ on many different ventures including books, DVDs, videos, software, newsletters, subscription web sites, seminars and workshops

Run different ‘what if’ projections by changing product prices, unit costs.

Find out the best price for your product – and discover why some prices might drive you out of business!

And much much more.

If you are even thinking about creating or marketing products, you’ll definitely want to have the Project Analysis ToolKit so you can find out if that project you have in mind has any chance of success.

Having the Project Analysis ToolKit is like having an experienced project developer at your side, showing you what it will take to make a project profitable and why some projects should be avoided at all costs.

The Project Analysis ToolKit can be one of the best investments you ever make. It could save you thousands the first time you use it. And it might even make you money right away.

If you order today, we will include the RESELL RIGHTS to the Project Analysis ToolKit and include everything you need to sell this product from your web site and keep every penny for yourself! (The Project Analysis Toolkit even includes a special tool to show why selling products like this can be a very profitable business for you!)

The resell license includes a a sales page (just like this one) and a ‘thank you’ (download) page. Plus the nifty product box graphic (valued at $100 alone!) Upload it all to your own site within minutes. (Of course, selling the Project Analysis Toolkit on your web site is optional.)

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Generic Full Featured eStore

Generic Full Featured eStore

Are you looking for a business online that’s profitable and easy to manage? We have the solution for you. How about a store similar to this one?

The Program:

You can get a store similar to this one, and be up and running in just a few days. You will have your own business retail outlet with products that you choose to stock your store with. We offer complete setup of you’re new store, all you have to do is add your products.

Each store comes complete with a wealth of high quality features. We even offer additional add-ons modules so you can expand your store features whenever you like, or your budget allows. Below is a list of included features in all store packages;

There are entirely too many features to list here. Please visit our site to see the packages that are available. They are listed here:


You will be amazed at the quality of our stores. We will even furnish you up to 400 products, complete with full resale rights. Which means you own them and keep 100% of the profit.

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Feed Reader Links

Feed Reader Links

Feed Reader Links

Every Blog (and RSS Feed Page) Needs FeedReader Links!

Put The Power Of 16 Automatic Newsreader Links To Work Promoting Your Blogs And Feed Pages !!

If you’re at all concerned about getting repeat traffic, you Must make it easy for visitors to add your RSS feed to their personal newsreader.

With this easy to use software, it’s simple to get the feedreader buttons and links working on your page(s) in just a few minutes!

As you’re aware, many people now use a Newsreader (Feedreader) to manage the gathering, viewing and updating of their favorite RSS feeds.

The most popular Newsreaders can make use of unique links to automatically add your RSS Feed to your visitor’s Newsreader. Just by clicking on this special link the person visiting your blog or feed page could ‘auto add your RSS feed to their list of favorite news feeds’. Now, any time they run their Newsreader, your recent RSS posts will display as new material that they need to go to and read.

The Problem is that…
a) You need to know how to set up these special links and far more importantly,
b) These special links are different for each newsreader which makes setting up a wide selection of newsreader links both tedious and time consuming. If you have multiple sites it could take hours and hours…

But I’ve Just Made The Job A Lot Easier For You!

Here’s how to do it the easy way using the brand new…
FeedReader Links Software

1. Upload One Folder Of Buttons To Your Web Server.

2. Enter Your RSS Feed URL Into The Software.

3. Enter The Folder Name For The Buttons You Uploaded.

4. Click One Button To Create All The Special Button And Link Coding.

5. Paste The Code Into Your Blog Template Or Feed Page.

And It’s Done – Fully Automated In One Minute!

If It Takes You Longer You Stopped For Coffee :)

Blog promotion you can’t do without.

Power Packet Features

Display 16+ button image links on all your blogs or feed pages (see below).

Easily put Feedreader Links on every blog and RSS feed page you own.

FeedReader usage is climbing and these links will be of value for years to come.

Makes it Easy for visitors to add your RSS feed to their favorite newsreader.

FeedReader Links makes it Dead Simple to add the special links to your blog.

If you have several blogs and feeds to promote, you simply repeat the process.

Actually, this software becomes a total ‘Must Have’ if you have multiple pages to use it on and it’ll save you hours of time!

1. Button Images hosted yourself load fast
2. No javascript that may fail or be blocked
3. No DHTML layers that may fail or be blocked
4. 16+ most popular feedreaders using each one’s special “Add To Feedreader” link
5. Alt Tags in place to identify buttons

PLUS: Grab Your Copy Of FeedReader Links Today and you will also receive the Master Resell Rights to the software itself.

You’ll get the software to make adding your links as simple as 1,2,3 and the Master Resell Rights licence so you can sell this software to your own customers and visitors and earn money at the same time!

You’ll also receive a copy of this web site so you can get started right away. Sell as many copies as you like and keep all the profits.

PLUS: You’ll receive FREE UPDATES to this software.

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Headline Creator Pro

Headline Creator Pro

Headline Creator Pro

Powerful New Software Automatically Creates Profit-Pulling Headlines in 17 Seconds Flat… And It’s Push-Button Easy!

“If You Had Just One Opportunity To Seize Everything You’ve Ever Wanted… By Promoting Just One Headline… Would You Know What To Write?”

Guess what? You better because one shot may be all you get!

Now aUnique, Innovativesoftware product has been created to help you Automate yet another step in the process – headline creation – imagine jumping with leaps and bounds over the most daunting process of creating your sales letter without even breaking a sweat!
Headline Creator Pro will automatically spit out Time-Tested, Proven, Result- Oriented headlines based on the greatest headlines in history… and do it in 17 Seconds Flat with Push-Button Ease.

Pick which of the long list of winners you want. In fact, you’ll have so many winning choices you may be tempted to throw away the body copy and use nothing, but headlines.

If you’re ready to instantly download the ONLY software on the market, today, that can automatically create 100 winning headlines based on any business, product or service, make absolutely sure you — before your competition does!

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WebLaw – Website Legal Document Generator

WebLaw - Website Legal Document Generator

“Quickly & Easily Give Your Business The Protection It Needs For Less Than The Cost Of A Trip To The Movies. Sets Up Like A Breeze & Gives You Instant Piece Of Mind!”

Here is what WebLaw Generator will do for you today:

Instantly create essential legal documents for all your websites in 2 seconds flat!

Affiliate Agreements

Privacy Policy Documents

No-Spam Agreements

Terms of Use and Disclaimers

Copyright Notices

Earnings Disclaimers

Without these legal forms your entire business could be shut down by the FTC. Its never been so easy to protect your business, so why run the risk?

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Live Desk Pro

Live Desk Pro

What can Live Desk Pro do you or how can it help your business and eBay customers.
Gives you a live web-based help support service …
Make you look professional
Automate your business and Saves many customer support hours…
Store and download latest upgrades…
Convert more prospects to customers…
Skyrocket customer loyalty and satisfaction…
Increase the percentage of repeat customers…

As Corey Rudl’s support desk page says: “90% of all questions are answered in this knowledge base…” In other words, people can get 24×7 answers to 90% of all questions! Bottom line, if you want to increase and maximize your online profits you need to have a support desk! Warning! Unanswered prospects and customers’ questions and delays in dealing with your customers’ problems could cause your business serious losses in the short, middle and long run. The best way to deal with all this is to have a service-n-support desk.

There’s A Plethora Of Hands-On Easy-To-Use Features to Help You Get The Most Out Of Live DeskPro

Add, Edit, Delete Departments. You can have a ‘department’ for each one of your products.

You can have unlimited departments!
Add, Edit, Delete Operators for any Department(s). You can assign operators to departments. Each operator can only handle the Tickets under the department(s) assigned to him.

You can have unlimited operators.
Add, Edit, Delete Troubleshooters. Troubleshooters are a series of choice questions a customer goes through in order to pinpoint and nail his exact problem.

As we mentioned earlier, under Admin Panel, you are the one who assigns Operators for every department. An Operator can only handle tickets under his department.
Operator can:
Reply to tickets.
Reopen and close tickets.
Add, Edit, Delete Troubleshooters.
Add, Edit, Delete Knowledgebase.

In short, operators have the capability to fully manage the service and support department assigned to them.

A user can:
Submit a ticket.
Specify a department, ticket priority, ticket-subject and ticket-matter.
Check the status of his ticket as often as (s)he likes.
Re-open/close ticket.
Check out the Troubleshooters added by Admin or Operator.
Browse the Knowledgebase added by Admin or Operator.
Download files added by Admin in downloads folder.
Stay up-to-date by checking out what’s up and what’s new, by viewing the Announcements added by Admin.
There is also a Popular Knowledgebase Topics, giving users quick access to the most popular views and issues in Knowledgebase.

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Webmasters Profit Package with Resell Rights

Webmasters Profit Package with Resell Rights

Get this amazing collection of software titles for only $.30 each. Each comes complete with full master resell rights and custom pre-built sales pages for each and every one. Buy it once, sell it for life, and keep 100% of the profits. To see the entire list, please visit this link: This is a 100% can’t miss. You own your very own affiliate program except you do not share you’re profits with anyone. At $.30 each this package is completely priced to sell. You can make ALL of you’re original purchase back in a single purchase from you’re customers. Don’t wait, this offer id for a limited time.

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Profitable Keyword Snatcher

Profitable Keyword Snatcher

Why Is Your COMPETITION Getting Great Search Rankings And You Aren’t?

What meta tags and keywords are they using that boost their rankings? You don’t know? Don’t you think you should find out?

We’ve made it easy to do just that!

Top 20 Profitable Keywords Snatcher searches Google for the top 20 sites for any particular keyword(s). It then puts the sites in a list. You can then select the site and view that site’s meta tags and keywords. Find out what keyword and meta tag secrets those sites are using to get terrific search engine rankings! You could be losing VALUABLEweb traffic to your competitors!

It’s as easy as 1…2…3…

1. Simply enter you’re keyword or Key Phrases, and the top 20 sites with those keywords will appear…..

2. Click on any of the websites that you would like to analyze the meta tags for…..

3. Snatch the the keywords and/or meta tags that you want to add to you’re website!

That’s it! Now you can compete with the big boys!

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Missspelled Keyword Generator (Resale Rights)

Missspelled Keyword Generator (Resale Rights)

“Misspelled Keyword Generator”

Of All The Keywoyd And Phrase SearchesEntered
Into Major Search Engines Each Day Over 10 to
20,000,000 Of Them Are All Misspelled.

Some of these spelling errors are so common that they are searched for thousands of times each day.

This is MAJOR targeted traffic and most of the result that come up in the number one spot for may of these terms are there by accident.

Anyone who can do just a little SEO can capitalizeon this targeted traffic right now. But you’ve got know that the most common misspelling are first right!…

Missspelled Keyword Generator will allow you to enter any keyword or phrase (spelled correctly :-) and then press the “Find Misspellings” Button.

Out pops hundreds or thousand of the
most common misspelling for your
desired keywords and phrases.

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