AthTek Parental Control Software

AthTek Parental Control Software

AthTek Keylogger is widely used for employee monitoring, parental controls or other invisible computer monitoring. It offers the most powerful and complete assortment of monitoring and reporting features. It records all users activity on the computer, and the logs can be sent to you by email. Both local and remote surveillance are supported. Just with several clicks, you are able to monitor the computer as below: *Keystroke Tracker Capture every keystroke, including user name and password. *Instant Messaging Logging Support logging MSN, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and more. *Email Logging Support logging Outlook (POP3/SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc.), Email Attachments. *Web Surfing Recording Record every website they visit, and see what they do on it. *Facebook and Twitter Monitoring Support monitoring Facebook and Twitter, including all the profiles they visit and pictures they post. *Encryption for logged files All the logged files are highly encrypted. *Remote Surveillance The latest logs can be sent to you by Security Email. *Application Monitoring Support logging of launched applications, including games. *Invisible Surveillance System can not be found at Windows Task Manager, Task Bar, Add or Remove Program Manager and Start Menu. *Undetected Undetectable by Registry Clean Expert, optimization tools and msconfig.exe *Self Protectable System can not be directly deleted from the computer. Uninstallation only can be done on the control panel. *Hot key The control panel only can be revival by hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + X) and the security password.

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