Yacht Captain Simulator

Yacht Captain Simulator

Choose from 6 yachts to practice maneuvering and mooring with your bow anchor and set of 4 mooring lines. The simulation shows how your yacht will respond to basic operations such as steering and engine controls. Understanding how your yacht will respond when you pull against your mooring lines is a fundamental skill for smooth docking moves. The simulation provides a full set of fenders and bow and stern lines as well as bow and stern spring lines. You control where they are tied on the dock and when your crew should cleat them off on your yacht as they reach their desired length. Predicting how your boat will move when you pull against your anchor is a similarly critical skill. This sounds like a lot to sort out but a detailed context-sensitive help system and instruction manual can come to your aid. Start with a 16-foot outboard or “Tinny” that is steered with the outboard motor tiller. Pushing the tiller to the left turns the boat to the right. Step up to the 20-foot outboard that is equipped with a wheel. Two sailboats have auxiliary inboard power. The 28-footer has a tiller and can spin on her keel. A 31-foot sailboat has a wheel that makes driving a bit easier but is slightly less nimble. The 30-foot cabin cruiser has a single engine and can be a challenge to maneuver into tight spaces. Your 40-foot cabin cruiser has twin engines that make her much easier to finesse into a small slip. The 75-foot Megayacht is similarly powered and has an added bow thruster but demands careful planning to turn into a slip in a small corridor. The ultimate challenge is the 80-foot Megayacht that is powered by twin azipods. She needs no rudders since the azipods can rotate 360-degrees for both propulsion and steering. She takes some practice. To be scored as ?Docked? alongside the pier, you must be close alongside the dock and have at least two lines in opposing directions. You might have a bow line tending forward and a stern spring line tending aft. Anchoring demands that you allow sufficient scope for the anchor to hook into the bottom. To dock Tahiti-style stern-to you must plan the placement of your anchor distant from the dock. Then after making certain that your anchor is hooked you maneuver your stern close to the dock at nearly a 90-degree angle. Attach two stern lines and you are ?Docked.? You might start in the open ocean with no danger of grounding or collisions. ?The Bulkhead? harbor has plenty of space for you to get up to your chosen slip for along-side or Tahiti-style stern-to mooring. ?Coral King Yacht Club,? your final choice in version 1.0, has various sized fingers and slips with at least a few that can fit any yacht. The club also has some tight quarters that demand careful planning to get into a slip. In normal operating mode you have as much time as you wish to get to your slip of choice. ?Coral King Yacht Club? will show you which slips you are allowed to use and how to place your yacht. You can also select ?Time Trials Mode? in which the Port Captain assigns you a slip and you have a limited amount of time to finish docking. Time Trials can be a fun competition as each prospective captain is offered the same choice and scored for their performance. You can allow all sorts of extra challenges by choosing to allow random equipment failure, traffic in the ?Coral King Yacht Club? along with steady to variable winds and surge up to hurricane force.

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