Wise Disk Recovery Tool Pro

Wise Disk Recovery Tool Pro

Wise Disk Recovery Tool is well-known disk recovery tool which is capable of restoring disk files. By using Wise Disk Recovery Tool, people can recover any formats of disk files, including MS Office documents, Acrobat, Archive, Audio, Video, Image, Backup, Database, and Internet files. No matter what files you stored in your disk, Wise Disk Recovery Tool will be the best solution to fix your problem. And it will recover your formatted disk in just three steps. With this efficient and effective recovery tool, there is no need worrying about how to recover your disk data. Many friends find that there is a lot of important data after they format their hard drive. How to recover the data from a formatted disk? After you format a disk, it appears that all the data is gone with the wind. In fact, if you know a little about how disk works, you will know it still stores in your disk. It just rewrites the data in Disk C Boot Sector and only the data in this partition is deleted. However it didn’t change any other information in your hard disk. Wise Disk Recovery Tool can help you undelete the following files. Recover files from Missing or Lost folders. Recover long file and folder names. Support all file systems FAT (FAT12, FAT16, and FAF32), NTFS/NTFS5, EXT2/EXT3. Support all types of disk: IDE, EIDE, SATA, RAID and SCSI. Compared with other recovery software, Wise Disk Recovery Tool presents outstanding features for people. Since it can not only restore formatted disk, but also recover data from external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, iPod, MP3/MP4 players and more. Besides, it supports almost 600 file formats, including Photos, videos, music, docs, emails, zip, etc. In a word, Wise Disk Recovery Tool is professional software which is capable of recovering deleted files from disk. This tool gives you the opportunity to quickly & easily recover lost data, files, documents, emails, pictures and other files.

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