Winning the DayTrading Game

Winning the DayTrading Game

In Winning the Day Trading Game, you?ll learn: * The importance of timing, and how successful traders know when to trade * The ?key numbers? in trading and how to use them * How learning to ?read the tape? can liberate you from mounds of confusing data * How to get your emotions under control * The ?Three T?s? of trading * The news you can use?and the news you can?t * How to study the market before you trade * How to prepare to win With a clearly presented analysis of key factors?abundantly illustrated with tables, charts, and engaging anecdotes?Winning the Day Trading Game will serve as a perfect introduction for the novice, as well as a clarifying, insightful guide for the established trader. As the author says, ?Trading is a journey.? In Winning the Day Trading Game, you?ll find an indispensable guide that will enable you to reap the uncommon rewards that come to those who know how to win.

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