Windows 7 Password Reset

Windows 7 Password Reset

Windows 7 Password Reset is an all-in-one Windows 7 password reset tool that can reset windows 7 password for destop PC and laptop safely and fast. If forget winows 7 password, Windows 7 Password Reset can help you create a CD/DVD or USB windows 7 password reset boot disk to reset forgotten password with old password. You don’t need to format your hard drive and resinstall windows.

Key Features:
1. Reset (recover) Windows 7 without old password.
2. Reset all user and administrator passwords.
3. Resets passwords with a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive.
4. Simple and fast – easy to use.
5. Reliable and safe – 100% success rate .
6. 100% security guaranteed.
7. Supports all Windows 7 operating systems.
8. Works on all kinds of Laptop and PC devices like Dell, HP, Acer, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, etc.
9. FREE update.
10. 90-day money-back guarantee.

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