Win7Calc is a powerful , feature rich comprehensive calculator. It is a financial calculator, it is a scientific calculator, it is a business calculator, a personal finance calculator, math calculator and contains a mind boggling number of calculations. This app contains spectacular graphing of mathematical functions, you can see and visualize the problems you are solving. And it covers it all, all you need and from one screen. The easy menu system contains many functions including. Statistics Calculus ? Integrals , Derivatives and Series and solving for equation roots Probability ? Permutations and Combinations Advanced Keys ? Cube Root, Factorial, Log to any base n, nth Roots Unit Conversion Time Value of Money ? Present and Future Value, Period Cash Flow , Interest and Term Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Amortization and Mortgage Payment and Refinance Annuity Retirement and 401k Stock Import and Valuation Bond Valuation and Analysis Discounted Notes and Stock Option Analysis Capital Recovery and Sinking Fund Compounding and Interest Rate Conversion Inventory Control and Breakeven Physics ? Work, Energy, Distance, Conversions , etc.. Algebra and Trigonometry and Geometry Marketing ? Discounts, Markup?s etc. This is the only calculator developed that has a built in equation library of 80 functions. You can look the equations up by category , enter your data and see the answer in seconds. You can even add , edit and save your own equations to the library. It is the only one of its kind. Win8calc plots functions, definite integrals and derivatives. It is easy to do ,you can type in an equation, it is interpreted and parsed and a graph of the equation is displayed. You can see the function plots, the area the is integrated and the derivative on the graph. It also plots statistics ? regression and five probability distributions ? Binomial, Chi Squared, Student?s t, Normal and Poisson. You can also solve for roots of functions and display the results on graphs. The Statistics function provides as output all the important statistics you need. It automatically provides four regression models as part of the solution. You can select the models you wish to use and forecast data using the results. It is all you need for statistics. Stock Import allows you to enter a Stock Symbol and evaluate Stocks instantly. The calculator will import the current stock data and will provide a valuation based on your expected growth rate and return expectations , it is simple and fast , you will like it. There is a whole series of functions for your personal financial planning ? retirement, mortgage , investments and monthly budgets. There is nothing left out. The financial calculator is comprehensive and contains every function you need. Win8Calc is so easy to use. There are built in examples. Navigation is simple, it is intuitive. You can see the answers quickly.

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