Website Firewall

To install PHP SiteFirewall on your website follow these steps:

1. Copy the sitefirewall.php, logviewer.php, log.txt, and blockedips.txt files to your website
2. Add the IP addresses or ranges that you want to block access to your website by adding them to the blockedips.txt file and separate each IP address or range by a new line character, you can use a text editor to do that, here is an example:
If you want to add a IP address range just separate the first range from the second one by using a score character “-“.
Here is an example:
3. Now add this line of code on the webpages that you want to protect, the pages must be HTML or PHP and accept PHP interpreting, and the following code must be inserted at the beginning of the webpage, before the tag.

4. If you want to view the SiteFirewall log you can use the logviewer.php file, the real log is stored in the log.csv which is a comma delimited file.

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