Virtual application solution–GWT SYSTEM(per concurrent user)

Virtual application solution--GWT SYSTEM(per concurrent user)

Xi’an Realor Information & Technology Co.,Ltd. develops GWT system and owns the Intellectual property rights.It is a server-based computing virtual application platform, creating a centralized, convenient and secure virtual support platform for the user. It centralizes various applications ( ERP/OA/CRM…?and deploys them on Realor Servers,Clients are quickly and safely access to applications that authorized by the server. Operating environment Server equipment :All kinds of X86 series server, CPU above PIII800MHz, more than 512 MB of memory. Server system:Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2003 64Bit,Windows Server 2008,Windows Server 2008 64Bit,Windows Server 2008 R2?SP1/SP2?64Bit,Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2012 64Bit? Windows XP?above SP2?Windows7,Windows 8 etc. Note:If you deploy the server in Windows XP environment,each user can only open one session at the same time. Client equipment:PC above X86,Linux, Mac OS,IOS/Android intelligent devices. Client system : Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8,Linux above 2.6.32 or ubuntu above 10.04,Mac OS all series of version,IOS above 4.3,Android above 2.1version Network environment? Communication Protocol:TCP/IP,SSL,HTTP/HTTPS Communication port: port 80,port 5872 (customizable port number) Access method :dialing,DSL?Cable Modem,LAN,GPRS,Wi-Fi etc. Server bandwidth requirement :each user is more than 20 Kbps Client bandwidth requirement:Minimum 20 Kbps each session What is the principle of GWT system?In general,It isolates the computing resource (CPU,memory etc.) in one server into several independent computing resource space.It realizes that multiple people login the server and operate the same application (various information system and file system such as ERP,OA,CRM etc.) through any network at the same time.Through Realor RAP protocol,various computing result and screen change on server is transmitted to the client interface.The advantage is low bandwidth requirement ,it only transmits the vector data of mouse,keyboard and images. 20kbps bandwidth is enough for you to operate various applications and key resources on server quickly. Application features GWT system is an innovate application technology, the main features are as follows: 1)It realizes the centralized management of various system and application resources. 2)Low bandwidth,only need 20kbps. 3)Accessing to the key applications on server through any network environment (ADSL,Optical fiber, telephone dialing, CDMA wireless, satellite line, VPN line) 4)You can control the security of network, user, software and server. 5)You can centrally deploy various information system on servers,centralized management and centralized maintenance. 6)Mobile office,it is suitable for the Android,IOS mobile device. 7)It is unnecessary to install third-party DNS software on servers 8)It achieves the redirection of peripheral device to server,and various frequently-used peripheral devices are available here 9)It achieves single sign-on complex portals. 10)Load balance policy The key point of GWT system : It guarantees the uninterrupted operation of various key resources, regardless of the affect of network and client device. GWT system centralizes various applications (ERP,CRM.DRP,OA,Mail system etc.) to one portal.It can effectively manage and safely share the information on application server(s) and clients,users are able to online coordinate and communicate one to one or one to many . 3.The main features of GWT system Realor self-developed communication terminal RAP protocol, separates”display logic”and “computational logic”, the whole computing is finished on servers,only the vector data change of keyboard,mouse, interface was transmitted on network,thus,the application is smoothly completed under 20kbps bandwidth.

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