Versadial SbWin Logger

Versadial SbWin Logger

Personal phone recording software that uses your computer’s sound card, to record any audio activity, phone calls, microphone, etc.

* May be set to record left and right audio channels separately. So you may have two simultaneous calls recorded.
* Can be set to start in “hidden” mode. Without disturbing current PC user.
* May be set to automatically activated mode.
* Up to 10:1 audio compression.
* You can add note/description into the recording.
* “Fast Recall” easy playback of last minute audio activity.
* Etc.

IMPORTANT: Try the evaluation software before purchasing. No support is available for SBwin and non-refundable after the purchase.

IMPORTANT: To record a phone call, you have to connect it to sound card input on your PC with a special connector first.

IMPORTANT: It is illegal in some states to record a conversation without the consent of all parties of the conversation, including the phone company. Check the laws in your area before using the SBWin Logger.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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