VAKCER Project Tracker

Keeps track of running applications and open documents and records time spent on them automatically. There’s no need to start and stop timer. VPT detects about 500 popular applications such as illustration, image editing, web design, word processing, communication, file management and much more. The list of supported applications can be updated from Internet. VPT allows to track custom activities such as phone calls, meetings, and so on. It also calculates project cost based on hourly rates for each application and activity category. A variety of project report types will help analyze your project performance. The reports are generated as HTML files so they can be easily published to the web or sent to a client. New report types can be easily created. Several projects can be open at a time and applications and documents can be tracked in different projects simultaneously. Supports COM interface and can be integrated with other software such as Excel or MS Project with the help of plug-ins.

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