TruePrint Source Code Level 1

TruePrint Source Code Level 1

Source code for the TruePrint printing engine. Include C# source code for the engine and all plugins. Also include PDFSharp and MigraDoc open-source libraries. The TruePrint Virtual Printing system is a solution that installs a printer into the Windows system that looks and operates like a real printer. Any Windows application that prints documents can print to the virtual printer when the user selects that printer. The virtual printer captures the document from the application and forwards it to the TruePrint printing engine, which can perform any kind of transformation or document management function on the print job. The TruePrint engine is a regular .NET application written in C#, so a developer can run the engine from the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to develop and debug any kind of document handling logic. PDFSharp and MigraDoc open-source libraries are provided for use by the printing engine. There are library functions for all kinds of document and image processing, such as watermarks, rotation, page splitting, rotation, pagination, and form filling. The plugin architecture provides a way to expand the printing engine functionality with additional document formats by writing new plugins that conform to the simple plugin interface. The printing engine requires the .NET 4.X framework or higher.

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