The Adventures of Ambages

The Adventures of Ambages

The Adventures of Ambages is a 3D action adventure game in which you guide the Hero (called Ambages) to slay hordes of evil Goblins and rid the land of their tyranny! Somewhere in this world, there is a place called Animaland. It’s a country where strange creatures like Cow Men, Sheep Girls or Dog people live. But in Animaland also are the goblins. Those little mischief makers regularly rob the villages in this usually peaceful little place. One day they rob a village named Pfyta. Sick of their mischief, Ambages, a local field worker, takes his hay fork and decides to put an end to their evil deeds. Features: * 14 stages * 3 graphical options for older, normal and high end systems * Complex riddles (teleporter and switch riddles, movable walls) * Simple controls * Detailed levels * Toon shader * Dynamic lightning * Self shading and modern particle effects * Free for all ages

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