Tele Sales Lead Tool

Tele Sales Lead Tool

The Professional Tele Sales Lead Tool was designed for new business start-ups and all existing small, medium and large companies, which require increased telesales business development/growth. It has been proven that when the Tele Sales Lead Tool is used for a few hours a day then a significant number of new customer relationships will be made, that results in more sales meetings, and increased products and services business sales. Benefits to you when using the Tele Sales Lead Tool: * You make business style sales calls every time that will install confidence in you from the 1st minute; * You or your sales team can set more appointments more quickly; * You will have higher conversion rates with less dropped leads; * You will be up and running in hours with immediate results; * You will speed up your product/service sales; * You will convert more leads to sales; * You will make better calls set better appointments; * You will be able to manage every lead perfectly; * You will be able to optimise your time even better; * You will be able to set the software up very quickly and with ease; * You are able to create unlimited sales profiles once and use them on all your PC’s to save time; * The Tele Sales Lead Tool keeps all your essential business/sales information in one place; * One off purchase cost with NO annual license or maintenance fees; * New program features added all the time to help you; * Lifetime software upgrades included to save you money; * No need to sign up to profit-draining monthly/annual telesales program subscriptions that can cost around #500 per year for each PC every year; * Activation keys/serial keys can be moved from computer to computer as and when required; * Remote Technical support and help-desk are all available to help you; * Example telephone script included to get you up and running in no time;

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