Taxcalc Light

Taxcalc Light

ExcelSoft?Tax Calculator or TaxCalc is a full-features and easy-to-use payroll application that help you to calculate and process employee’s salary, income tax (PPh. Pasal 21), bank transfer, etc. Since its first edition launched in 1997, Taxcalc has proven to help thousands of clients efficiently and accurately.

The result of the calculation has been verified by many government tax personals, reputable tax consultants, and organizations. Monthly tax requirements calculated is guarantee to be final and it has a build-in function to avoid any excess tax payment regardless of the employment cases and the result of the yearly tax calculation will be final!

Main Features

  • Gross, Net, Net on Gross
  • Monthly tax calculation is final
  • Allows tax saving or standard mode
  • Broken Period for any cases
  • Produce government tax form (SPT1721 A1/A/I/II/T/Induk)
  • Complete eSPT interface
  • Produces step-by-step tax calculation result
  • Ability to back dated to 1997 with automatic regulation
  • adjustment
  • Complete User Management (Menu, employee’s level, user-defined)
  • Built-in Executive Information System
  • User Defined Reports
  • Download reports to MS Excel format
  • Contact sensitive on-line help


  • Monthly Payslip
  • User defined reports
  • Employee salary listing
  • Employee information listing
  • Employee salary comparative historical
  • Employee salary component listing
  • SPT Form 1721-A/A1/I/II/T
  • Jamsostek Report & Form
  • Complete eSPT
  • SPT Summary for each employee
  • Download reports to MS Excelsoft
  • Many others

Key Isues

Indonesian employees’ income tax (PPh. 21) is very complex and it takes many hours every month throughout the year to prepare. The calculation is proven to be illusive, for it subjects to many interpretations. For example, the government only provides Gross methods, while Net and Gross on Net Calculation are not given but yet their all legal meant of calculation.

Taxcalc is truly design to completely handle all these complication by single click. Since Excelsoft first launched the product in 1997, we have served hundreds of clients throughout the country. The product is already proved to be accurate, cost saving, and efficient to handle all types of payroll scheme.

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