Talking Spelling Bee

The Talking Spelling Bee is a talking interactive spelling tutor. Unlike most educational products, it is more about learning then bells and whistles. There are enough bells and whistles to keep kids interested but enough teaching technology to serve both teachers and students with years of customizable lessons and expandability. Let the Talking Spelling Bee grow with you and your kids. Quickly incorporate your weekly spelling and vocabulary list into the game to help student’s ace their exams. Confidence and grades will escalate as kids have lots of fun at learning how to spell.

The Talking Spelling Bee, is truly a spelling bee. Kids can interact with siblings, parents or classmates at school. This will nurture good sportsmanship and eliminate the sense of isolation associated with most computer learning. This is a bonus feature! The Talking Spelling Bee can also be played in One Player Mode, against the computer.

The Talking Spelling Bee uses Macintosh Text To Speech. This will accurately pronounce the words. This saves you lots of time and opens the Talking Spelling Bee to endless possibilities. Import spelling list from you favorite word processor or just type them in on the fly. Lists can be of any length and combination. There are 12 customizable word banks for you to store your favorite words in. Quickly switch between word banks to accommodate different grades and reading levels. This makes the Talking Spelling Bee timeless. Ages 4 through Adult can play. Get lots of reuse out of your spelling list too. The Talking Spelling Bee, also allows you to print a variety of tests based on the word list. No two tests will ever be the same! Easily generate fun written homework for your kids. Save lots of money on lesson books that can only be used once!

Spelling Test

This spelling game gives students the opportunity to test their skills in a real time spelling bee environment. All the words in the list must be answered before the student’s see the results. When the test is completed, students will be presented with a list of misspelled words. The Talking Spelling Bee’s artificial intelligence automatically collects the words for the misspelled word bank. Players can go back and practice these words at any time. This will ensure that kids have really mastered the current lesson before going on to a new one.

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