Sysrestore Pro 5PC

Sysrestore Pro 5PC

Sysrestore Pro is helpful for you to keep your computer safe from verious kinds of damagers like system crash, disk failure, software failure, files deleted by error, lost without reason, blue screen, malware, spywere, adware, virus… Keep your system safe from threatens Sysrestore Pro works as an excellent protection software which makes an image of your system for protection. It would restore your system even after crash or blue screen and other errors. Virus, spywere, malware won’t be the headache since with Sysrestore Pro, it creates as many as 1000 snapshots to keep your system protected. Once there is any problem on your system, you can just select one snapshot which was created when your system was in good, and restore it to just bring everything back to normal. Advanced Disk Backup You can add disk to the cover of snapshots which would protect your disk from errors, unexpected changes, damages. Data Recovery If you lost files when you deleted files by mistake, files get lost without your notice, deleted files due to mistakenly reformat, you can restore files by searching files from snapshot. You can restore only files instead of whole disk with this program. MBR Protection The program would add your MBR into protection. MBR is called for master boot record which is vital to your system. When your have your MBR protected, then you will stay away from possible disk errors like not formatted error, which comes often to users and bring system troubles.

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