SuperAlert Standard Edition for PocketPC

The only reason I would remove Super Alert from my system, would be if I am in a desert island, I need to hard reset the PDA and I have no backup with me – PocketPCMinds Review. Awarded 5 G’s by the TekGuru
Awarded 5 stars and 5 Smileys as a Killer App by the respected web magazine Missing appointments, over sleeping, wondering why they took away Repeating Alarms on PocketPC 2002.
Do you want to open any file when your alarm sounds: Wake to Windows Media Music when a clock alarm sounds. Open a meeting document template when an appointment alarm sounds.
Do you want your alarms to sound at a different volume to the rest of your system’s sounds.
Do you want to set alarms to repeat longer than you power-off time and have them power the device back on to remind you.

You need SuperAlert.

Runs on PocketPC2000 and PocketPC2002
Auto-detects PocketPC2002 devices and offers the option to have Repeating Calendar Alarms.
Allows independent settings for Clock and Calendar alarms (Note: as with the standard PocketPC notification settings these affect all appointments)
Small – takes up very little memory
Integrated – set it up and it disappears into the background until an alarm sounds. Set up alarms normally with the clock or calendar.
Easy to use
Any document in your My Documents folders (in the devices internal storage or on a storage card) can be set to be opened at alarm time. (for advanced users other files can be opened by keying in the path)
This could include but is not limited Windows Media Audio files, Video Files (note a limitation in Windows media player means these may only play sound). (Technical Note: SuperAlert will instruct the system to open the file using the application associated with it, therefore any file with an association can be opened)

New in Version 1.2
We have been listening to the user feedback and have updated SuperAlert to include: Features: Independent Volumes for Alarms – you can now choose to have an alarm at a different volume from the system settings. Pleae note you must still have sounds enabled for Programs, Notifications. Power on for Repeat – if your repeat time is greater than 30 seconds and then, providing your device supports this, the system will power back up for the repeat up to the maximum repeats. SafeAlert – Ensures, if your device supports this, the system powers up 10 seconds before an alarm. This allows for storage devices to be initialised and assists in correctly processing alarms. Please note that, whilst SuperAlert repeats based on the exact time, the system can be inaccurate in starting an alarm and this can mean the repeat sound may start up to 10 seconds after the system alarm sounds.. The number of times the additional file will sound can be set per repeat. Escalating Alarms – The additional file can be played louder and more times per repeat. Fixes: A workround has been introduced for a potential memory leak in the notification system. The SafeAlert feature prevents problems with opening Window Media Player Due to the tight integration with the system, SuperAlert is now always installed into internal memory IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is now compatible with devices running Windows Mobile 2003 or later.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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