Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum Mac

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum Mac

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum recovers all your lost or deleted multimedia files such as photos, music files, and videos easily. You can recover deleted photos from your digital cameras, memory cards, USB drives, external and internal hard drives, and mobile phones, to name a few.

The software has a special module to repair corrupt or distorted photos having JPG or JPEG extension and restores it to its original format. This software also helps you to recover images lost while formatting your SD / memory card, or hard drive even though you haven?t taken a backup or created an image of your drive. And, with a storage capacity over 2 TB, you can recover your entire multimedia content with a single click.

  • Recovers deleted photos, videos, and audio files
  • Repairs corrupt or distorted images having JPEG/JPG extension
  • Recovers data from formatted SD or memory card, digital cameras, and internal & external hard drives
  • Recovers lost or deleted HD-MOV files
  • Selective Recovery feature
  • Provides an option to add own file format
  • Option to preview your scanned photos, videos, and audios in three different file view options, such as `Cover Flow View?, `Thumbnail View?, or `List View?.

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