Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery is an efficient utility to recover data from severely damaged or partially burnt optical media like CD, DVD, BD, and HD DVD. The tool performs recovery of optical media burnt on Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac machines. The software supports ISO 9660, Joliet, ISO 9660:1999, UDF Packet Writing, UDF, HFS, IFO/VOB Video, and Rock Ridge file systems. You can create the image of the optical media and save the scan information. This image file and scanned information can later be used for data recovery.**Key Features**Recovers songs, photos, audio and video clips, and documents from damaged CD or DVD**Creates image of your optical disc and recovers data from the image file**Option to recover select file types by applying file filters**Preview recoverable files before saving**Smart & Simple recovery software**

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