Thermodynamical properties of water and water vapor and humid air.

Main window: The program of calculation thermodynamical properties of water and water vapor allows to calculate p,t,v,h,s,x having 2 of p,t,v,h,s (p,t); (p,v); (p,h); (p,s); (t,v); as input parameters, excluding saturation curve, and two-faze zone where only (p,x); (t,x); (v,x); (s,x) pairs can be used as input.
Pair (p,t) has the widest limits of admissible values: p=0,0000408…300 ata(Kg/sm2, absolute) for t=0…550 C and p=0,0000408…1 ??? for t=0,-50C
Additional window: Calculator of thermodynamical properties of the humid air.
Units of pressure: Kg/sm2, Bar,KPa, mmHg; and energetical parameteres units Kcal/Kg, KJ/Kg.
An input thrinities contain following pairs:
  • (T,d); (T,Fi); (T,h); (T,Ts)
  • (T,d); (T,Fi); (T,h); (T,Ts)
  • (d,Fi); (d,h)
  • (Fi,h); (Fi,Ts)
  • (h,Ts) plus p (an absolute pressure)


This demo version is unlimited by the use time and has a good functionality:
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Important Note: you have to install the demo version before you try to get the full version key, this action allows you to get your “user id key” from the installed on your PC demo.
Please, click to “Download free demo version” link to install demo if you did not do that already.

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