SoftOrbits Icon Maker

SoftOrbits Icon Maker

SoftOrbits Icon Maker serves for generating icons from existing images or drawing them from scratch. This icon creator is designed for both professional designers and non-professional users, combining ease and versatility of options in one package. Available actions include creating a new icon, a new cursor and generating an icon from images in batch. The program supports all modern icon formats and generates icons in ICO, CUR, PNG, ANI, GIF and AVI formats. This icon maker offers different icon sizes for Windows, iOS, Mac OS and Android operating systems, from 32×32 to 1024×1024. If there is not required size in the list, user is also able to set a custom resolution in pixels. Both single and batch icon creation is supported. In batch mode user specifies the source files in settings and chooses output format and size. The program automatically generates required icons. There is ability to generate icons of different sizes from one original image. This is done automatically after specifying the source file and selecting target icon sizes. The user interface features standard toolbar on the left, icon sheet with pixel grid in the middle, color selector and mini-view at the right. The top bar features tools for file processing and image transformation. This is a fully functional graphic editor that features drawing tools (line/ellipse/rectangle, text, fill, paint, blur, etc.) and various special effects for playing with colors and contours of the image. The tool pack it offers is enough to implement any designer?s idea. It is possible to edit icon from existing file by exporting into the program. The output format of the image file can be changed, as well as its size. SoftOrbits Icon Maker allows to create icon in animated format. There can be any number of frames inside one icon. There is a `play? button to view the animation in the process. Both static and animation icons can be adapted for specific OS. If user is not sure how to make an icon for Windows or MacOS, what size to choose, the program will prompt the necessary parameters. Special effects include blurring, adjusting colors/contrast/brightness, sharpening, adding perspective, transparency and a lot more. Using this icon maker there is no need to create a disabled icon separately. It can be done automatically by choosing the proper option from the menu. SoftOrbits Icon Maker is shareware, trial version is limited in saving images.

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