Smart Payroll Management Software

Smart Payroll Management Software

Our payroll software fits the needs of small to large sized businesses. It calculates net pay, taxes, Social Security tax etc. This payroll software also supports Deduction categories making it very flexible and powerful. Multiple Pay Types. Our payroll software supports regular salary, overtime pay, bonus pay etc. Very easy to use, saves you time and money. Even if you’ve never handled any company’s payroll, large or small, our payroll software is easy to get started with. Users can slip right into the interface and control every functions of the software with ease. Payroll Management software is user friendly and have the ability to grow with your business. Data input is simple and straightforward with mistakes easy to edit. Includes comprehensive payroll reports. Our software provides the following reports: Salary Sheet(Summary, Details) Deductions Advance Salary Report Financial Cost Reports Advance Loan Report Over Time Report Income Tax Report etc.

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