Sight Reading Studio

Sight Reading Studio

Sight Reading Studio OSX is a one of a kind program that will help you to learn to read music very quickly. Only since the invention of the computer and midi keyboard is such an opportunity for learning music even possible. If you have them, then put them to work for you with the help of this program. It?s like having a virtual piano teacher that you never have to pay. It will guide you along every step of the way towards becoming more proficient in reading music. It will help you to develop the kind of musicianship that only people who have had years of musical study possess. This privilege can be yours too with the help of a program like this. Unfortunately most people don?t get it and programs like this remain unknown. Congratulations if you found this page. You are on your way towards becoming a better musician and sight reader.

Sight Reading Studio will play a random musical phrase and ask you to play it back on a midi keyboard. It will evaluate your note and rhythmic accuracy and show you the results. It will tell you when you played too fast or too slow or when you played it just right. You control every parameter of the lesson so you can make it work just for you. You select the rhythmic patterns and note range to include in your sample. This program was developed by a musician addressing the specific challenges facing new students. It is for any age or level. You will never outgrow this program. When you purchase this program you also gain from the experience of someone who has taught years of piano lessons. Some methods work, some don?t this one definitely does.

The downloadable version of Sight Reading Studio is fully functioning. It comes with a generous free 12 trial usages so you can evaluate the program. It has been developed for the new generation of Macs. It is designed to take advantage of the bigger screens so that children or senior adults don?t have to strain their eyes to use it. The notes have been scaled to 225%. They are big and bright and easy to read. It requires a minimum screen resolution of 1152 by 800. If your screen is smaller you can still use the program but certain screen controls will not be visible. You will have to access them by the menu system.

The program comes with a generous online help system in addition all controls have tool tips. It is strongly recommended that you use it with a midi keyboard. You can still use program with just the mouse but it is not recommended. If you don?t have a midi keyboard this program is a good reason to get one.

To install this program just extracted the zip file and drag the Sight Reading Studio folder to your Mac drive. Once there you can create a shortcut and put it on your toolbar. Just double click on the program icon and you are on your way. You will have to make sure you midi setup is configured properly.

This is try before you buy software. Make sure it works with your midi keyboard and system first before purchasing it. This is Macintosh only software. Refunds will not be given to PC users who order the program to run on a PC. Check for updates at www.davidbagno.com

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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