SHPAGA SERVICE – Distributing press releases.

Distributing press releases to game sites and journals
This service concludes the distribution of your press release to game magazines and sites. This could be provided as a separate service.

The magazine data base consists of e-mail addresses of editors-in-chief of such well known game magazines as,, etc. We are sending your information at these addresses for it to be included in CD-collections, which are normally issued by all large magazines.

The data base of game sites consists of many web-sites specializing in games new games reviews. So the distribution aims at placing your press release in the collection of key new game reviews.

Service effectiveness
It is widely known that game magazines are issued in thousands of copies. If a game is included in a CD-collection, the effect from its sale is comparable to thousands of downloads.

The effectiveness of distribution may vary. The decisive factor is the quality of the product. Upon distribution you can expect a growing number of visitors from various sites without a jump in downloading because most game sites place only information about the developer and a link to the game’s home page. Consequently, the number of visitors can grow significantly, to about 2-5 thousand per day.

Recommended frequency of distribution
Distribution to the game magazines shall be conducted once a half year, better after the release of an improved and renewed version.

Distribution to game sites can be conducted one in two months or simultaneously with the release of each thoroughly renewed version.

Reports to customers
Following the distribution to the game sites the customer is provided with a list of sites that have placed the information about the product. The effectiveness of this service can be estimated by analyzing the customer’s site’s logs.

No report is provided under the distribution to game magazines.

Ordering services
To order a service, it is necessary to provide the text of a press release and contact information and to pay for this service.

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