Right Click Enhancer Professional

Right Click Enhancer Professional

Right Click Enhancer Professional allows user to take full control of their right click menu. You can do following things with your right click menu using this tool.

  • You can add frequently used applications, file and folder shortcuts in your right click menu. You can also organize these shortcuts in sub menu so they don’t clutter your right click menu.
  • You can remove or disable right click menu entries that you don’t use.
  • You can modify new sub menu of your right click menu. You can add new file types or remove existing file types using this tool.
  • You can add new folder shortcuts in your send to menu.
  • You can add useful options in your right click menu that allows you to do your day to day common tasks of computer faster.
  • You can change right click menu of any file type. You can also change file associations easily with this tool.

  • You can also modify right click menu of Internet Explorer. You can add, remove or disable right click menu entries inside Internet Explorer.

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