Rhythmic Dictation

Rhythmic Dictation

Easy To Use Step-By-Step Program That Quickly Improves Rhythm!
Generate Unlimited Measures and Rhythmic Combinations.
All Program Parameters Completely Customizable.
Mac OSX 10.4.4 Compatible
No Midi Keyboard Required

This program will train your inner ear to recognize simple and complex rhythmic patterns at sight. It develops both the visual and audible skills needed to decipher the rhythmic layer of music. You will learn how to play note patterns based on their notational value and you will learn how to notate them based on how they sound. These encoding and decoding skills are similar to the skills used while reading. You know how to spell words based on their pronunciations and you know how to pronounce words based on their spelling. In reading this exchange happens almost instantly. Ideally, the same should happen while reading music. Reading rhythmic patterns will become as easy as reading words. This is a great skill for any musician or composer. It will greatly improve your musicianship. You can have good rhythm too!

How It Works
The game is setup up to incrementally develop the skills mentioned above. First you must choose the rhythmic patterns to include in your lesson. This is easily done via the ?Patterns? tab in the ?Setup? window. Check the rhythm patterns you want to include in your measures. You can save your own lessons or choose from the sample lessons included with the program. There are two modes of play, ?Question & Answer? and ?Rhythmic Dictation?. You will do most of you work in Question & Answer mode. Mode one is like an animated multiple-choice test. You must fill in the sample measure by clicking on the correct rhythmic button for each beat. Clicking on the button will sound the rhythm pattern through QuickTime?s midi player. Clicking on the note patterns inside the measure will count the beats using Text To Speech. Both these audible clues help to reinforce the patterns being studied. The second mode ?Rhythmic Dictation? is a computerized dictation session. The program will play the sample measure and you must tap it back on the instrument of your choice. You must play it back in the time given or it will skip to the next measure. It is a free style dictation test. There is no judge except your teacher or your own ear.

Remember this is ?try before you buy? software. This online version is fully functioning for 14 tries or 14 days, whichever comes first. If you decide to buy it you will be sent the unlocking code. You can purchase it online for $24.95 US dollars at: Your must download your own copy of the program. This online purchase is electronic only. You will only be sent the unlocking code, no disks! This license is for a single user only. If you want to buy a site license the price is $100 US dollars. To purchase a site license enter 4 in the quantity field below.

You can download a copy of the program at:

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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