Residential Real Estate Excel Model

Residential Real Estate Excel Model

This is the single most important tool you will ever use in your real estate investing! A professional pre-built Excel spreadsheet that calculates and details the profitability of any residential real estate investment. Input the detailed property data and the model calculates positive and negative cash flows, estimates profitability and breakeven, and determines investment value using discounted cash flow, cap rate, and IRR methods. Includes 7 highly detailed worsheets and in-depth user manual. Instant email delivery! Works with Excel 2003 and later. What You Get: A TREMENDOUS VALUE ALL IN ONE PLACE! – A pre-built professional level Excel workbook with 7 highly detailed spreadsheets covering every aspect of your residential real estate investment. – A detailed 26 page instruction manual describing every input, calculation and concept used in the model. – Instant email delivery when you purchase online. Benefits: – You get the single most important tool to ensure your real estate purchase, rental and improvements are profitable. You will never need anything else! – Accurately break down and calculate the potential profitability of any residential real estate investment in a single Excel valuation tool. – Save countless hours building your own Excel model. – Every detail and calculation is already built and tested for you! – Input and analyze all revenues, expenses, and cash flow inputs. The model is extremely flexible and includes hundreds of revenue and expense categores and multiple valuation methods to choose from. – Use the model for every property in your portfolio. There is no limit! Technical Requirements: MS Excel for Windows (2003 or later)

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