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Allows easy creation of pivot tables basing on Excel list or external database (MS Access, Visual FoxPro and so on). Besides, allows easy adding subtotals to your Excel list. How does it work? This Excel add-in allows you to create the form for any your Excel list. If you will need to create pivot table or add subtotals to your list, you run Report Wizard and choose a form for a list you clicked or selected before run. Report wizard automatically adds all row and column fields, page fields, calculated items, data fields into pivot table, and more. Your work is only click on OK. Additionally, Report Wizard can check all list before report creation. For example, you entered the value of wrong type or entered the value in special column which defined a list of available values for, but you entered unavailable value. In this case Report Wizard adds new worksheet and selects all wrong values by red color. You can edit wrong values and rerun Report Wizard. Move over, if you use Input Wizard (please see below) and entered wrong value, then you will receive a message, and you can correct it during data input instead of during report creation. Besides, Report Wizard & Tools contains Input Wizard that work by the same work, but in this case in helps with data entry into Excel list. You click on a cell which you want to enter in and run Input Wizard. Then you choose a form that contains all grouping columns and links to special tables containing some limitations for values in some columns. After this Input Wizard asks you for values for some columns offering a list of available values, and if you set some columns as dependent or enter formulas for them, Input Wizard fills these columns automatically. Allows also exporting Excel list to external database and more.

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