Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Rental Properties are great to own and can make you a lot of money, but you need to buy them right. Much of the money made in rental properties is made when you buy the property.

Rental Property Analysis is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that helps you quickly analyze rental properties, and helps you form a solid argument for negotiating price with the seller.

Rental Property Analysis is not complex, yet the results are very powerful. By inputting some basic facts about the property, you can quickly determine if the deal meets your criteria for a successful rental property. If it doesn’t, and if the property is priced too high, you will now know what to offer the seller.

With Rental Property Analysis spreadsheet, you can learn your return on invested cash, mortgage payment, and property income or loss.

Rental Property Anlaysis will save you thousands of dollars when you buy your property. Rental Property Analysis will put you on solid footing when you make your offer. You can prove that you’re valuing the property fairly, and not just making low ball offers. Its hard for the seller or realtor to argue with the facts about the value of the property when you show them your calucation in Rental Property Manager.

Requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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