Renee Undeleter 2014 3-Year License Key

Renee Undeleter 2014 3-Year License Key

It’s usually happened to the most of us: the important files can be deleted and presumed lost forever. Whether the result of a computer virus, a software error, or user error, this can be terrible. Important business data and documents, as well as the digital image of captured moment in the age, the loss cannot be replaced. When such a disaster strikes, what can be done? Renee Undeleter will help you to recover your important files immediately! It provides 3 main functions, like “Fast Partition Scan”, “Whole Partition Scan” and “Whole Disk Scan”. “Fast Partition Scan” – Recover those files that are accidentally deleted in normal file system. “Whole Partition Scan” – Recover data from formatted partitions or corrupted drives. “Whole Disk Scan” – Scan the entire disk to find out all partitions? information and to simulate the partition table. Besides the main functions, Renee Undeleter has lots of standout features that help you recover the lost files easily and safely. For example, file preview. Most of the file types can be previewed to estimate the possibility to recover. If you have a damaged drive, you can create a sector-to-sector-copy image file for an entire partition. Such image files can be loaded simply and processed like regular partition. Images are very useful if there is a risk of total data loss due to hardware malfunction. If bad blocks are constantly appearing on a hard drive, the only way to save the data is to immediately create an image of that drive. All data search, scan and recovery can be done from this image. Renee Undeleter supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

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