Renee Becca 2015 Lifetime Key

Renee Becca 2015 Lifetime Key

When we lost files, file recovery software should be the final method to save it. Good fortune does not always wait for us. What?s more, Windows sometimes would be unstable. Which is the best method to recover PC system, files or folders we need quickly and easily? What should be done if we are required to reinstall Windows when restoring applications, setups, preferences, bookmarks, etc.? A full computer image backup is the only way to protect our entire system and operational immediately. Renee Becca offers you differents options to backup your importants files et manager your computer. – The “Backup” function allows you to back up the Windows system, the hard disk or partition and some files by creating an image. It is also possible to set the backup mode, such as incremental mode, differential mode, full mode, version chain mode and single version mode. You can also turn on automatic backup and set the time. You can start the Windows system after recovery system image you saved. Nothing is altered or changed. All programs installed in the Windows system are available as before. It is not necessary to reinstall the programs. – The “Clone” function gives you the opportunity to make a twin hard drive or partition without need to create an image. After cloning, you can directly use the hard disk or partition. With the “System Redeployment” function, you can transfer the Windows system to a high-capacity hard disk or a small capacity SSD. – Three more tools are also available. The “Disk Manager” helps you to perform disk-related operations. The “Disk / Partition Eraser” can permanently destroy all data partitions or the entire hard drive. The “Data Recovery Software” can recover deleted or lost files in five minutes.

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