Remote application access software-GWT SYSTEM

Remote application access software-GWT SYSTEM

Xi’an Realor Information Technology Co.,Ltd. develops GWT system and owns the Intellectual property rights.It is a server-based computing virtual application platform, creating a centralized, convenient and secure virtual support platform for the user. It centralizes various applications ( ERP/OA/CRM…)and deploys them on Realor Servers,Clients are quickly and safely access to applications that authorized by the server. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Server equipment :X86 series server, CPU above PIII800MHz, more than 512 MB of memory. Server system:Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 ,Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 64Bit,Windows Server 2008 R2?SP1/SP2?64Bit? Windows XP?above SP2?Windows7,Windows 8 etc. Client equipment:PC above X86,Linux,Mac OS,iOS/Android smart devices. Client system:Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8,Linux above 2.6.32 or ubuntu above 10.04,Mac OS version,iOS above 4.3,Android above 2.1version Network environment? Communication Protocol:TCP/IP,SSL,HTTP/HTTPS Communication port: port 80,port 5872 (customizable port number) Access method:dialing,DSL?Cable Modem,LAN,GPRS,Wi-Fi etc. Server bandwidth requirement :each user is more than 20 Kbps Client bandwidth requirement:Minimum 20 Kbps each session. VALUE OF GWT SYSTEM 1.Accessing C/S architecture software through WEB, helps to solve the difficult of the remote access to C/S software. 2.Reduce the user’s installation and maintenance costs.No need to install C/S application software on client, reducing the user’s cost. 3.It achieves IT application planning, reduces hardware investment cost .GWT System centralizes operations of software on one server ,and does not occupy hardware resource in clients.The ERP applications even runs smoothly in PC486 computer. 4.Reduce network bandwidth investment cost, you are able to access at any time,any place and any network. Only 20Kbps bandwidth is enough for you to access to system and operate various ERP software smoothly. The network includes private line,VPN,ADSL,fiber,CDMA wireless,dial-up,microwave etc. 5.The application security management is more comprehensive and detailed,reducing the security risk of user information. There are seven-layers protection measures for accessing to GWT system,including network transmission,gateway,access authentication, application servers etc. 6.Optimize and integrate information system to build a unified application portal. GWT System deploys various applications on Realor servers ,effectively optimize and Integrate various information system ,form a unified application portal, reduce IT total cost of ownership. SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS In the application server architecture (A /S architecture), security is a prerequisite for application, especially for the WAN remote applications.GWT System has a comprehensive protective design,Including the network edge,transmission encryption,authentication,access control,Operating system security and so on.These ensure the network security . 1.The remote access safe It is a server-based computing architecture (Application Serving is short for A /S) application access platform, in this application architecture, all the computing functions are finished on the server, the network between server and clients only transmits the vector information of keyboard,mouse and images. 2.GWT System use integrated product design architecture,it is an independent product architecture that through rigorous security process. Without depending on third-party products,It effectively eliminates the security risk to the user from security vulnerabilities in third-party products.it also avoids the stablity problems caused by the upgrade of third-party products. 3. Security authentication gateway Only one gateway port is exposed outside.Server address and the port are hidden.Gateway internal shields various of illegal connections.

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