Quest Pos Server

Quest Pos Server

Quest POS is a powerful and easy to use point of sale system. It is easy to install with only a few clicks to install on your windows PC. It gives you the ability to easily manage your inventory and suppliers. Quest POS is easily customizable to meet the needs of your business. Quest POS offers detailed statistics to show the position of your business at any given time. Analyze your business performance through the built in reports and generate graphs to visualize the performance of your business over time with Quest POS graphical reporting. Quest POS is designed to handle both touch screen and desktop interfaces for sales persons and can be easily switched depending on your business needs. Quest POS also enables you to track the perfom Quest POS is simple and easy to install and use. Use a 5 digit pin to sign in. No long passwords to remember Quest POS comes with different roles for administrators and sales persons Easily tell your business performance with the at a glance statistics Comprehensive help and documentation Easily switch between touch and desktop interfaces

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Summary: touch screen, point of sale, windows, 5 digit

Concepts: Point of sale, Sales, User interface, Personal computer, Microsoft Windows, Marketing, Graphical user interface, POS terminal

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