Quck Photos Backup From Hard Drive to External Drive

Quck Photos Backup From Hard Drive to External Drive

In the past decade, with the advent of digital cameras and cell phones in particular, the number of images taken every day is enormous. When the phone is accessible at any moment, every historical moment, every event and every thing thats worth a taking a photo or a selfie is being shot and saved on a digital camera or mobile phone. If the cameras were limited to one photo in Polaroid cameras or 36 photos in film cameras, now that the new phones come equiped with large memories within their storage space and external sd cards that can be added, the amount of pictures that can be photographed is larger and can reach tens of thousands of pictures and even hundreds of thousands of images in the memory of the phone or memory card. All these images are usually copied to the computer, but are usually not developed at all, but remain on the computer, usually to make room on the mobile phone or digital camera. Everything looks fine when we store our photos on the pc, but we live in a world where there are quite a few thousand viruses, ransom programs, hard disk failures, formated computer and other things that can cause the loss of all your important pictures from your computer. Cyberworld Israel Software is proud to present the software that will quickly back up all your photos from your computer to any external device, whether it’s an external hard disk or a USB flash disk, and its portable so there is no need for any installation. The software scans your computer and copies all image files to the external disk. Each time you start the program, it will scan the files on your computer and copy only the new files, thus reducing the backup time from your computer to the external disk. It is true that you can make a copy / paste in windows, but it is important to remember that copy / paste has quite a few problems with memory on the computer which often causes a crash while copying many files. Also, when copying folders you must confirm whether to delete the previous files and to go through many folders and copy them one by one and you are never sure that you have always copied all of your folders and pictures on your computer. So instead of working hard and guessing if you really backed up all the pictures, go to the backup software from Cyberworld Israel Software and back up all the pictures in your pc quickly. Files types in backup: jpg, img_png – these are most common file types.

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