Quck Documents Backup From Hard Drive to External Drive

Quck Documents Backup From Hard Drive to External Drive

Software to backup documents from computer to external disk Your computer stores thousands of different documents, some of which you have created on Word, Excel PowerPoint, or PDF. Some of them are files you received by e-mail, downloaded from the Internet or brought on a USB flash drive and copied to your computer Over the years, these files accumulate on your personal computer and are stored in different folders on your computer These can be important documents like contracts, letters to various authorities, school documents, university documents or colleges and the like These documents are at high risk without backup, as there are quite a few failures that can damage documents such as: Viruses, ransom software, hard disk failure, formatting disk, deleting files accidentally or maliciously Cyberworld Israel Software is proud to present the software that will quickly back up all your documents from your computer to any external device, whether it’s an external hard disk or a USB flash disk, and its portable so there is no need for any installation The software scans your computer and copies all document files to the external disk. Each time you start the program, it will scan the files on your computer and copy only the new files, thus reducing the backup time from your computer to the external disk It is true that you can make a copy / paste in windows, but it is important to remember that copy / paste has quite a few problems with memory on the computer which often causes a crash while copying many files. Also, when copying folders you must confirm whether to delete the previous files and to go through many folders and copy them one by one and you are never sure that you have always copied all of your folders and documents on your computer So instead of working hard and guessing if you really backed up all the documents, go to the backup software from “Cyberworld Israel Software” and back up all the documents in your pc quickly File types in backup: word, excel, powerpoint,open office, rich text, text and wordperfect Another advantage is the search time of the documents- searching for a particular document on the computer takes a lot of time to locate the image in light of the fact that Windows scans all the folders on the computer and all the files in it. However, in search of the image on your backup disk, the search will be done in a few seconds as it scans only the image files and not hundreds of thousands of irrelevant files Do not tell yourself this won’t happen to me or I do not have important documents that I need to back up, most of our customers discovered this too late and paid for it dearly and not only in the recovery costs but also in situations where it was impossible to recover for various reasons and important documents were lost forever

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