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Download address: Qihu Product manage system is a mass product management software! To facilitate the enterprise comprehensive management of a variety of complex products!! Product function is introduced as follows: 1.Can freely set design product fields information 2.Provide product multi pictures management 3.Support product accessories management 4.Provide product parts management function 5.Can freely set the products print output format 6.Support a variety of query mode 7.Operator rights management powerful 8.You can customize the management add you want to manage any form information such as: customers, suppliers, and can make the customer, supplierand product related. 9.Print information can be exported as EXCEL, PDF, HEML and other formats, greatly facilitate exchanges between enterprises and their customers! 10.Product management software in many customers use in addition to providingstand-alone version, in order to better serve our customers, product development management software SQL network version in addition, and the chain of wide area network version, in obtaining good reputation customers use! 11.Service email: [email protected],[email protected], web site: 12.To provide software customized

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