Processing Mortgage Insurance Premium Refunds

Processing Mortgage Insurance Premium Refunds

Processing Mortgage Insurance Premium Refunds. The software program provides information that the Government HUD-FHA has available to anyone wanting to locate mortgagors owed a Distributive Share or Mortgage Insurance Refund. It will show people how to get started working-at-home processing mortgage refunds, as a 3rd party tracer. Includes how to software, how to manual, forms, website and much more. Earn extra income working-at-home as a 3rd Party Tracer processing mortgage refunds helping the Federal Government return unclaimed refunds
Unlimited reproduction license and the rights to grant this to others! Master copy of Processing Mortgage Refunds software!
Ready-to-publish website to sell Processing Mortgage Refunds, including a tour of the software!
License & Marketing booklet which includes: Marketing information, a sample ad campaign, and ads to help clients sell their software (Classified ads, display ad, postcard, 1pg flyers, disk & CD labels & more)

1. Training Manual “How To Trace FHA/HUD Mortgage Insurance Refunds” – A 34 page guide with all the information for you to get started. Everything you need to know and use to start earning money as a Tracer. Includes contact info and sample letters, form, and contract to use.
2. Report “How to Check if You are Eligible For an FHA Refund or Share” – A report that gives you more background on current Federal Government FHA Refund information and links to further provide you with access to refund information.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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