POS 1.0

Your super shop may maintain paper based Business Process for items, Sales, Purchase and inventory. Although, record keeping is not difficult but generating reports has become a major problem area in the current manual Business Process. We are a Leading POS Software Provider. We provide POS Software which will keep records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports of items, Sales, Purchase, Accounting & Inventory which is normally prescribed for day to day activity. We have a good number of Clients in whole over the world whose are successfully operate their Shop, Chain Shop through our POS Software. Point of sale management software developed by Softfair Organization offers you the right tools to maximize your return on investment, operate more efficiently and be more profitable. We develop Retail Point of Sale Software Systems for the specialty retailer. Our solution?s includes real-time access to Point Of Sale transactions, inventory control, purchasing, inter-store and warehouse to store Real-time stock transfers, cash management and many other functions related to the operation of a successful & efficient retail organization. Softfair Organization delivers complete turn-key solutions for all of your Point Of Sale Software and Inventory Control needs. POS & Inventory Management System has built-in Invoice and Inventory System. Invoice System has Tax and Discounts. These will be really helpful to apply taxes and discounts automatically and the ability to generate invoice from quotation. Admin user can view daily/month sales and tax amounts. Advance and Improved reports for Overview, Stock Value per warehouse, custom sales and purchase reports. Our POS & Inventory Management System is an offline application that helps you to manage your stock. Update stock, purchase and sales from anywhere, Office, Home, Ware house or on the go.

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