PHP Ticket System

PHP Ticket System

B1ST PHP Ticket System comes with rich features you won’t find in any other PHP Ticket System. Autoresponder Message, Multiple Admin Roles, Fully customizable and configuration, spam detection, online virus scan for file attachment, multiple departments, several search/filter/sort capabilities, database backup and comes with several styles and layouts. Top Features: Simple Installation Wizard Our simple installation wizard will step with you on 3 simple steps to complete the installation and make the script works properly. Spam Detection & Prevention B1ST PHP Ticket System prevents spam by using 2 layers of authentication. The first prevention layer by enabling reCAPTCHA to stop bot messages. The second layer by integrating A.kis.met, the best automated spam killer that actually gets better as it learns. Message Target From a frontend perspective, messages can be delivered to special divisions and special products with a specific priority. On the other hand, from a backend perspective, messages can be filtered by divisions, products, and priorities; even more, they can be searched by email and ticket number. Virus Protection B1ST PHP Ticket System makes use of OPSWAT Metascan API to scan any files attached to customers? messages; thus ensuring it is clean and not infected by any virus or malware that may damage your server security. Why Multi-Scanning? No single anti-malware engine is perfect 100% of the time. Using multiple engines to scan for threats allows you to take advantage of the strengths of each individual engine. Multiple Products PHP Ticket System allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper product department support team; thus, if you have multiple products, each message will be sent to the proper department. Multiple Divisions & Departments PHP Ticket System allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper department, whether it is the sales, support, billing, affiliation, participation, or whatever department you define in the admin panel. Uploads & Attachment PHP Ticket System allows your customers to attach files to their messages.But do not worry; you are still safe thanks to OPSWAT Metascan API. These attachments will be scanned using 30+ online virus &malware engines. Rest assured, you are in the safe hands. Multiple Admin Roles PHP Ticket System allows you set up your admin roles. You can authorize who can close or delete messages, while allowing someone else to only close them, or you may not authorize him to close or delete messages, but just to reply to thmem. Email Integration No matter what your email provider is,PHP Ticket System will allow you to receive your emails directly to your PHP Ticket System message board.PHP Ticket System can be integrated to receive any Gmail account, Yahoo accounts, or Horrde accounts. Horde is available at all shared hosting providers that use cpanel or plesk as their control panel; in fact, almost all web hosting providers do. Even more,PHP Ticket System will prioritize your received messages according to their original priority when they were sent to your email account. As a double-spam protection, these messages will be scanned by A.Kis.Met API in addition to the detection methods used by your email provider, e.g.,Gmail. And finally, if these messages have any attachments, they will be scanned for any virus or malware by OPSWAT Metascan API. Twitter Notification PHP Ticket System integrates with Twitter API to send you message notifications using your twitter direct message; thus, you be aware of each new issue that comes to your message board.

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