Photo HDR for Mac

Photo HDR for Mac

How to merge different exposed images taken by HDR cameras into HDR photographs? HDR should be a tricky subject to master even for HDR photographers. It should be a difficult to ensure a creative and natural look for HDR image. iFotosoft Photo HDR should be the best answer for you to merge HDR photos. It is a super easy HDR program to make awesome results. When you load a series of three images with different exposures to merge HDR photos, iFotosoft Photo HDR use the advanced tone-mapping algorithms to create awesome high dynamic range images. Whether you taken the series of images by HDR camera with tripod or handhold, the auto align algorithm just make HDR files in one click. If you are not satisfied with the default result, you can use the selected presets of HDR filters to present another results. You can adjust the tone length, tone saturation and ghost suppression manually to generate an HDR image. And apply a different brightness, saturation or contrast for the stunning HDR photo. The HDR software accepts formats of all popular HDR cameras, including Nikon, Canon, Sony and other devices. The automatic HDR sequences to align photos, both taken by handhold or tripod. The Ghost suppression features make a fine result with moving stuff or people. Even the newbie of HDR photographer can master the HDR skill with the super easy user interface of iFotosoft Photo HDR. There are multiple methods to save or share the HDR files. Once you get a satisfied HDR photo, you can save the file to computer directly or share to Facebook, Twitter and other social network. Once you add other social network to your Mac, you can share the awesome HDR image with your friends or family within one click.

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