PamperMe 2.0

PamperMe 2.0

PamperMe 2.0 Social Reward Bundle is a complete list of premium online marketing tools designed specifically for webmasters, online marketers, software developers and experts that wish to reward socially responsible Internet users for sharing content, building their fan networks, launching crowd funding campaigns as well as online contests. This package includes AlphaUserPoints 2.0.4, K2 plugin for AUP, Multi-tier Plugin for AUP, AUP & Social Rewards installation and configuration documentation, AUP Developer API documentation and the Better Way To Crowd Fund Success Kit ebook. This bundle is for customers that have installed the Free AlphaUserPoints component and, or webservice and wish to run their own social rewards powered website, online contest, crowd funding campaign and, or related promotion.

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Summary: software developers, Developer

Concepts: Marketing, Software developer, Application programming interface, Fundraising, Web service, Software engineering, Political campaign, Sociology

/business and industrial
/technology and computing/software
/business and industrial/advertising and marketing/marketing

Tags: AUP Developer API, Social Reward Bundle, crowd funding campaigns, crowd funding campaign, Crowd Fund Success, premium online marketing, Social Rewards installation, Free AlphaUserPoints component, related promotion.Get PamperMe, Application programming interface, software developers, Multi-tier Plugin, online marketers, online contests, complete list, Internet users, fan networks, online contest, Software developer, Kit ebook, Software engineering, configuration documentation, Better Way, unlimited useSummary, Political campaign, Web service, webservice, wish, webmasters, tools, experts, content, package, customers, version, DeveloperConcepts, SociologyCategories, /business, industrial/technology

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