Page Brand Generator (w/Resale Rights)

Page Brand Generator (w/Resale Rights)

Now You and Your Affiliates Can Brand Whole Pages Instantly At The Click of a Button It’s Never Been Easier to Make It Dead Easy For Affiliates To Promote Your Products! Dear Internet Marketer, Have you ever wanted to make life easier for your affiliates, so that instead of wasting their time branding your solo letters and advertisements manually they can spend more time promoting you? Do you know how tedious it is to change throughout a website? You want to make it as easy as possible for your affiliates to promote YOU as much as possible so you have the potential to make obscene amounts of money. That is precisely why Page Brand Generator was created…. Let’s get right to the point. If you want to Save Time, make it Dead EASY and Painless for Affiliates to Promote your products then Page Brand Generator is for you. What is Page Brand Generator? Page Brand Generator is simply an automatic find and replace system for special %TAGS% within webpages and txt files. Check out what it looks like and how easy it is to use. It’s just a 3 step process. 1. Fill in the blank fields, 2. Hit the ‘Brand’ button and it will instantly replace the tags with your fields, and finally… 3. Save the File. That’s it, it is so simple a child could do it. But what can Page Brand Generator do for you? 1. Make it dead easy for your affiliates to ‘Brand’ your articles or webpages. 2. Make any product extremely viral in just minutes. 3. Take away the tediousness and painfulness associated with online marketing. 4. Makes resell rights and master rights promotional material a breeze to brand. 5. Spend more time making money and promoting then changing copy. But just to make sure that your order is completely Risk Free, I’m going to place all the risk on ME, that’s right, I’m the only one who is taking a risk with this 100% Iron Clad, Total Satisfaction Guarantee…. How would you like to sell ‘Page Brand Generator’ in exactly same way I am, while keeping 100% of the profits? To maximize the potential for you to recoup your investment you have the opportunity to do just this. Sell 1 and you have instantly made back your investment sell 2 and you have made money from nothing. You are only limited by your imagination and marketing ability. Lets recap about what you will receive … Page Brand Generator – This software replaces/brands defined %tags% instantly making it dead easy for affiliates and resellers to promote your products. Master Resell Rights – You receive the rights to sell this software in exactly the same way I am. So you can recover and profit from your investment immediately. Professional Sales Page – With just a few clicks and an order link you can instantly start selling this package for profit. 3 %Tagged% Templates – You can instantly see this software in action and can use these advertisements to start selling this package right away. And if you’re not totally thrilled, you get a 100% refund. You have no risk whatsoever…so Order Via Our Secure Servers to get started right away! It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is (Even if it’s 2:34am). You can Get Everything for Only $47 $27! {Only $9.95 at}

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