NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition

NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition

NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition helps you resize existing disk partition on Windows PCs and Servers fast, safely and easily. You can provide charged service for unlimited organizations and individuals. This program can be installed on unlimited PCs and Servers.

Lifetime free upgrade is included in this edition. You can upgrade to every latest version 100% freely lifetime to enjoy new features and better performance.

The built-in Roll-Back Data Protection technology is able to roll back the server to the status before resizing automatically when any hardware issue occurred. Your Operating System and all data keep INTACT during the whole process.

Unique file-moving algorithm helps reszie partition much faster than other tools. Time is important to you and your customer!

Besides resizing disk partitions, NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition helps copy partition to migrate data, create, delete, format, hide, active, defrag, convert partition and much more to better manage disk partitions and improve server performance.

Your good profitable disk management toolkit. 90day money back guaranteed!

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