Nevron User Interface for .NET 2014.1

Nevron User Interface for .NET 2014.1

Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such a remarkable render quality and speed. Usage of pluggable renderers and palettes leverages the simplicity and extensibility of all components to a degree never experienced before. Explore rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and set of extended Windows Forms controls designed to bring to your Windows Forms applications the latest GUI standards and technologies. The suite introduces lots of new custom controls which makes it easy to create distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer. Nevron User Interface introduces the most complete and featured docking library on the market today.

Features Overview

Docking Panels Unified overall appearance integrated with the core Nevron UI Rendering System. Control over tabs style, tab align, caption height, buttons and font, splitter size, etc. Pluggable renderers. Pluggable drag handlers. Pluggable layout engines at any level of the tree. Allowed DockStyle.Fill for panel containers. Layout logic – absolute, relative and auto size. Panel permissions. Dock area masks – specify the allowed areas for docking per INDockAreaProvider. Event bubbling – each panel fires an event and delegates it to the manager (if not marked as – “Handled”). Great number of events, most of them cancelable. Document View Mdi Menu Merge Border Support Layout Persistency Design-time Support Command Model

Command Bars Professional and consistent appearance based on pluggable renderers and palettes. Common, sharable object model allowing for complete reusability and extensibility. Entirely custom menus allowing for full customization regarding both appearance and shadows. Dock/Undock/Redock capabilities of toolbars. Permissions – specify what functionality each toolbar exposes. Event bubbling. Native support for embedded controls, even on menus. Advanced visual editor available at both design and run time. Drag-and-drop support while in “Customize” mode. Command overflow support. Complete keyboard support including custom shortcuts allowing for any keys combination. Rich and intuitive design-time support. A total of 27 predefined color schemes. Windows XP theme support.

Custom Toolbox Buttons ComboBoxes ListBoxes TextBoxes ScrollBars ProgressBars Tabs Color Tools PanelBar StatusBar TreeView NumericUpDown TranslucentWindow LineControl Splitter

Speed and Quality Rendering

Unique Border Appearance Technology


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