NetWork Communication System

Local area network communication utility: Does not require the server; Data transfer under any network protocol (TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI etc); Common and Private Chats, Collective Channels, Private Messages, Off-line Messages; On-line Alert, Messages Filters. FEATURES Does not require the server. Data transfer under any network protocol (TCP\IP, IPX, NetBEUI). Requires small system and disk resources. Location in a System Tray. Pleasant interface. Creation up to 20 profiles with customizations for each user. Updated users list (on-line, off-line). Common chat for all users of the program. Private chats (one per one), collective channels (unlimited users). Private messages with a format of the font and background. Sending and receiving off-line private messages without any server (It is a reality!). Mass messages (one to several or all). System messages on events. Sound events. Request of information about the user. Alerts on entrance and on exit. Filters of the messages. Fast change of the user (with possibility of the password). Logging chats, channels, private messages, system messages. 3 statuses (Normal – Available, DND – Do Not Disturb Me, AWAY- I Far From NCS) and setup for each mode the auto message. Rich choice of properties. Local statistics (for a session and common). Fast review of all sended messages and sending it again. Hot-keys. Popup Tags. And more, more …

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