With NetSpy you can see what web sites others are accessing from a PC. NetSpy runs invisibly so the user surfing the internet has no idea that big brother is watching them! Parents, use NetSpy to see what web sites your children are visiting. NetSpy will also record every key that a user types…even passwords! You can even read their private email messages after they’ve been deleted! With the NetSpy Configuration Program (which is password protected) you can set several options such as: 1) The amount of time to wait before NetSpy saves to the log files in intervals of 15 seconds. 2) Whether or not you want new log files created each time NetSpy loads. 3) Whether or not you want duplicate URLs to appear in the URL log file. 4) The directory location and file name of the log files. 5) Whether or not you want NetSpy to log keystrokes. 6) Whether or not you want NetSpy to capture screens. NetSpy currently supports the following browsers: Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL and Prodigy.

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